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We are interested in novel bio-imaging and signal processing techniques that can greatly enhance our ability to monitor biological structures and functions. The main imaging applications of BISPL include the neuroimaging, and multi-scale bioimaging techniques from nano-to-macro scale levels. In neuroimaging area, we are currently investigating the biological principles of neuro-vascular hemodynamic responses in brain using near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and MRI to understand the brain dynamics during cognitive activities and disease. In nano-scale imaging, we have been developing three dimensional imaging techniques to look into the nano-scale structures of macromolecules such as proteins, virus, and microtubules using cryo-electron microscopy; and looking into new optical microscopy concept at nano-scale resolution. At macroscale level, space-time such as super-resolution imaging techniques have been developed for dynamic MRI applications cardiovascular imaging and functional MRI; and new concept of diffuse optical imaging techniques have been proposed. The mathematical tool of BISPL is a new signal processing theory called "compressed sensing". According to compressed sensing theory, perfect reconstruction is possible even from sampling rates dramatically smaller than the Nyquist sampling limit, as long as the non-zero spectral signal is sparse and the samples are obtained with an incoherent basis. From the bio imaging perspective, compressed sensing is a disruptive technology that challenges our current imaging principles. Therefore, our current research activities have been focused on demonstration of new proof-of-concept bioimaging tools for the aforementioned real bio-imaging applications

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   BiS552 Digital Bio Signal Processing

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